Cannabis Club Düsseldorf

Your Cannabis Social Club & Cultivation Association in Düsseldorf for exclusivity and finest taste

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What We Bring

About your Cannabis Club in Düsseldorf

We stand for expertise in cultivation and German perfectionism

Best Cannabis Genetics

Exclusively from respected cannabis breeders worldwide, and the selection of cannabis phenotypes is based on strict criteria

High-Quality Cannabis

Through perfect conditions like optimal cultivation, perfect lighting, and much love, we achieve a quality that remains unmatched for many

Perfection for Every Plant

We take care of each plant as if it were our only one, from the first to the last moment. Here, we ensure that each phenotype receives exactly the necessary nutrients, care, and drying

Member of CSC Federation

The CSC Federation of German Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCD) is the advocacy group and voice of cannabis social clubs in Germany. It advocates for the needs of CSCs in politics and media, strengthens their non-commercial character, and protects them from attacks

Optimally Coordinated

Through continuous analysis of legislative drafts and first-class contacts from various fields, we organize thesocialclub. Despite the demanding bureaucratic requirements, we strive to be present from the outset

Best Team

Our experienced, dedicated team has been working harmoniously together for years, possesses comprehensive expertise, supports each other, and achieves outstanding results through close collaboration

How does the Social Club membership work?

Step 1: Learn about our club terms

Click here to open our FAQ and learn about our club membership and bylaws.

Step 2: Member or Donate?

Click on Memberships to either become a member or support us through donations.

Step 3: Payment and Verification

Currently, the registration fees of €200 each and monthly contributions of €50 are our only means to implement our club plan. We accept bank transfers or PayPal payments for processing.

Welcome to thesocialclub. Düsseldorf

Please bring your ID card on your first visit. We look forward to seeing you!

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Partnerships & Collaborations

Our goal is to establish close partnerships and significant collaborations with the top companies in the industry.

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Become a member of thesocialclub. Düsseldorf

High-quality equipment. Experienced gardeners. Premium organic fertilizer. CO2 systems.

The law on the decriminalization of cannabis in Germany comes into effect on April 1, 2024. We can apply for a license to cultivate and distribute cannabis starting from July 1, 2024. Currently, we do not sell cannabis. Our efforts are currently focused on implementing our production areas.