About thesocialclub. Düsseldorf

Cannabis Club & Cultivation Association

We are a registered association of plant experts striving for the highest cultivation quality and terpene research. Over the years, we have gained extensive expertise in cannabis research abroad.

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Our Vision

Together, we aim to

Secure Europe’s best genetics

Our goal is to assemble the most comprehensive and outstanding collection of special phenotypes worldwide and cultivate them in Germany.

Make Germany known in the cannabis industry

Through our careful selection, we strive to position German cannabis at the forefront of quality standards internationally. We also support other social clubs in Germany.

Build the leading tissue lab in Germany

Our long-term goal is to continuously expand and create one of the leading tissue labs in Europe. Our priority lies in providing the highest quality genetics and ensuring their safe storage.

Build the first Gigafacility for cannabis in Germany together

Together, we aim to establish the first legal high-end cultivation facility for non-medical cannabis in Germany by partnering with leading manufacturers of production spaces.

Efficiently collaborate through coordinated efforts

We organize thesocialclub. through continuous analysis of legislative drafts and the establishment of top-notch networks in various fields. Our goal is to be present from the outset and build a strong international network.

Offer our members the best cannabis

Our highly motivated and cohesive team has been working successfully together for many years and has extensive knowledge in various areas. We combine our strengths to create partnerships with the industry’s best collaborators.



Find out where to find us. And who knows, maybe we'll be in your city soon.

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    Currently, we are searching in Düsseldorf for the best possible accommodation for our project. We keep all options open to find the optimal building for the association.

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High-quality equipment. Experienced gardeners. Top-notch organic fertilizers. CO2 systems.

The law on the decriminalization of cannabis in Germany comes into effect on April 1, 2024. We can apply for a license to cultivate and distribute cannabis starting from July 1, 2024. Currently, we do not sell cannabis. Our efforts are currently focused on implementing our production areas.