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Quality, Exclusivity, and Sustainability

Future-oriented Cannabis Cultivation Concept in Düsseldorf

In a rapidly changing legal landscape, we are setting new standards in cannabis cultivation culture and guaranteeing our members an unparalleled experience.

Modern Cultivation Concept in Düsseldorf

Amidst legal changes, we prioritize quality and innovation through targeted investments.

Düsseldorf Exclusivity

Our location in Düsseldorf stands for quality and exclusivity. A novel member experience awaits you.

First-class Cultivation Quality

With premium equipment and top gardeners, we ensure the highest product quality. A difference you can taste.

Investing in the Future

Despite strict regulations, we invest in a future-oriented manner. Your contribution enables a revolution in cultivation.

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The law on the decriminalization of cannabis in Germany comes into effect on April 1, 2024. We can apply for a license to cultivate and distribute cannabis starting from July 1, 2024. Currently, we do not sell cannabis. Our efforts are currently focused on implementing our production areas.